Pair o’ Docs (3D Render, WIP)

A quick look at a piece I’ve been working on in the background of real-life, as I get the time.  Far from finished.

My favorite boots — classic Doc Martens 1460s.  I’ve had a sturdy pair or 3 of these over the years, and have come to identify with them at a few different little phases of life–so I figured I’d give them a tribute in 3d model form.  (It might also be that I can see them all day/every day near my desk.)  I was looking for something a bit tougher to model, and this gave me an excuse to practice with tools I feel like I don’t use often enough — extrusions along curves/paths, for one (for the laces), and particle/”hair” rendering (the carpeting on the rug), and more composition/rendering (Blender/Cycles).

Some definite things to improve for sure — for one, I’m not sure why they’re still tied when they’re off — and this room is in dire need of some furniture!  More as this develops–and when it inevitably gets a low-poly treatment, to become the footwear of a game character (or two) of mine.  Would love any feedback/suggestions.

(And, as always, my love and full respect to Blender, for being both amazing and open source.)