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Gregory Lord & Emily Adamo

Folger Institute: Folger Shakespeare Library

Folger Infographic: Consortium Membership
Folger Infographic: Programs Compass
Folger Infographic: Word Cloud

This project created a series of infographics, in conjunction with the Folger Institute at the Folger Shakespeare Library, to celebrate the Institute's 40th anniversary.

The images depict: 1) the rise in their Consortium membership, 2) the number and variety of Programs offered each year, and 3) the keyword topics (by frequency) covered in their Program offerings.

Mapping Soweto

Mapping Soweto Placeholder Website
Mapping Soweto Interface
Mapping Soweto Logo

Design files and preview interface images from the upcoming Mapping Soweto project, in conjunction with Prof. Angel David Nieves at Hamilton College.

Shakespeare Quartos Archive

SQA Interface Draft
SQA Interface Logo and Load Screen
SQA Interface Files List
SQA Interface Document View

This project is available online at

CAMP Interface

CAMP Modeling Interface
CAMP Objects Interface
CAMP Logo Proposal

CAMP is the "Collaborative, Ajax-based Modeling Platform" under development at MITH, with Greg Lord as lead interface designer and software developer.

Soweto '76 3D

Soweto `76 3D Home Screen
Soweto `76 3D Map View
Soweto `76 3D Mandela House
Soweto `76 3D Mandela Info

This project is available online at, and was led by former MITH fellow Angel David Nieves (now co-director of Hamilton College's Digital Humanities Initiative). This project is a proof-of-concept prototype, to be further developed in the future.

Digital Humanities 2009 T-Shirt Design

Digital Humanities 2009 T-Shirt Design
Digital Humanities 2009 T-Shirt Photo

This was the design for the MITH/UMD-hosted Digital Humanities 2009 Conference. Tasked with capturing the history of the conference in a representative fashion, we chose to put one of the central conference themes forward, and capture the recent history in XML itself. (We later modified the original design (left) to two colors to meet the conference's print budget.)

MITH 10th Anniversary T-Shirt

MITH 10th Anniversary Shirt Detail
MITH 10th Anniversary Shirt Sketch

This shirt was to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of MITH, and used binary code to illustrate both the "10" and the digital nature of MITH's work. Emily and I also used binary to hide "Easter Egg" details about MITH in the design (visible in the second image).

Client Logo Proposals

Final Logo - Projector Protectors (DH09 A/V Team)
Final Logo - Coffee Quarter Cafe
Logo Proposal - Duraclean
Logo Proposal - Urban Alchemy
Proposed Logo - Totally Crushing Design

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