Turning it off and on again…

So, my “official” web presence has been either cluttered or sometimes wildly neglected over these many years.  And while I’d love to pull the various little districts of my scattered portfolios, blogs, projects, and general digital scraps into something coherent, I’m fearing what the size or workload of such a thing would be.

So, instead, for now, I’m going the very simple route, throwing all of the old work into a “to-do” box, and starting a fresh new (simple) blog here, with the (hopeful) goal of doing a better job of documenting my various projects as they roll in.  There will definitely be some backfilling here, which I may or may not retroactively date to reflect their actual chronology… but for the moment, this will be a “current moment” kind of blog, and ideally something between a work log, portfolio, and general echo chamber of ramblings.

Let me know if there are any projects you’d like to learn more about, or to pull up from the archives a bit sooner than I might get to them on my own!  I always try to be snappy on email (gplord@gmail.com) or Twitter (@gplord) if you catch me there.  Thanks!