About Me

I’ve been a designer and developer for fifteen years now, and each of those titles has meant a number of different things along the way.

As a developer, I build websites, web applications, multimedia presentations, and games.  As a front-end developer, I build simple, usable, and accessible websites that aim to communicate both tone and content effectively.  As a software engineer, I’ve built back-end systems as well, particularly in the most popular content management systems, and, most recently, serverless cloud infrastructure.

As a designer, I create logos, web and print designs, illustrations, videos, presentations, and 3D models and animations.  Whether building a creative vision from the ground up, carrying an existing brand in new directions, or presenting visual and technical information in creative ways, I try to focus on expressiveness and communication in visual design.

These disciplines have gone hand-in-hand, and each has led me to new approaches to the other.

In my spare time, my creative work focuses on independent video game development, both as a solo developer and as part of an independent studio in my local community.  As a game developer, I have taken on projects in almost every role, as programmer, 3D modeler, animator, composer, and creative writer.  As a community organizer, we focus on bringing both new and experienced developers and artists together, creating a tight-knit network of skill sharing and creative collaboration.

Finally, in my career in academics, I’ve learned the importance of communication between different types of people — technical and non-technical; faculty and student; creatives and techies; beginners and experts.  I’ve presented at a number of schools and academic conferences over the years, on topics ranging from my professional academic research projects, to my own personal research in video games, narrative design, and development.

Over the years, all of this has given me the chance to work with some amazing people, including the chances to lead teams of faculty, undergraduate students, and other developers, all working together in everything from web development to virtual reality.  Somehow it all fits together.