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Gregory Lord is the Lead Designer and Software Engineer of the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) at Hamilton College, leading the creation of the varied web and graphic designs that represent DHi, and lending his skills as a web programmer to the design and implementation of its digital projects as part of DHi’s Collection Development Team.  Prior to his work at Hamilton and DHi, Greg began his work in the digital humanities as the designer and web developer of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) in 2005, and continued to develop his design and programming skills as a freelance web developer and small independent business owner from his home state of Maryland.

Greg holds a BA in English from the University of Maryland, where he studied creative writing, focusing his design and programming background upon the creation of digital and interactive literature.

A lifelong gaming enthusiast and advocate of educational gaming and simulation, Greg currently works with Hamilton students as an instructor in DHi’s CLASS program, teaching a variety of multimedia topics including video game narrative, game design, 3D modeling and animation, and games/simulation programming. Greg has led DHi and Hamilton’s work with the Blender 3D modeling and animation software, and the Unity game engine, developing projects including virtual recreations of historic sites, interactive fiction, and video game prototypes.

Independent Designer and Developer


Greg has also helmed the independent design and development team, ZenGrove Design, LLC, since 2009. As the owner and lead developer, Greg has worked on a wide variety of projects for clients including the New York Public Library, the Folger Shakespeare Library and Theater, the University of Maryland, Hamilton College, and a number of local businesses in the Washington, DC area. This work has included design of all kinds, including websites, graphic design and advertising campaigns, and 3D animations and games, and development efforts including databases, web applications, and data-mining/text-analysis tools and algorithms.

Independent Game Developer


Greg is also a hobbyist game developer, lending game design and graphic design work to a variety of game development efforts. The largest to date has been the successfully Kickstarter-funded card game, The Reunion: A Storytelling Card Game, which was released in a closed beta in April 2015, with a full release planned for Q4 2015. The Reunion is a 4-player card game that offers a dark-humor glimpse into the stresses and trials of a family experience, offering players the chance to either work together or go head-to-head in surviving a day with their most trying family members. Greg completed all of the graphic design work for The Reunion, and was a member of the three-person team that designed the game’s mechanics and storytelling components from the ground up. He also built and maintains the Reunion‘s website, and designed the digital tools that were used to help develop, balance, and dynamically test the gameplay to the team’s design criteria.

More recently, Greg also designed the tabletop/web game dhQuest (currently in open alpha testing) in coordination with the Co-Directors of Hamilton College’s Digital Humanities Initiative. Styled after Dungeons & Dragons-types of pen-and-paper RPGs, dhQuest is designed as an interactive learning experience for members of the digital humanities academic community, to use in planning their own approach to implementing digital research methods into their campus’s research and curriculum, including strategies for how to recruit teams of researchers and scholars, and how to budget and administer their programs.

Contract Work

Greg is available for limited independent contract work, and can be contacted at gplord@gmail.com for project quotes or inquiries.

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