Project Details

DiscoCactus is a collective of composers, performers, and arrangers. They play video game music. Sort of. They use video game soundtracks as a jumping off point for a party, a nonstop display of kinetic musicianship that blends contemporary art music with dozens of pop styles, steeped in the language of the Internet.

Picking up after the success of theĀ VGM Together project, I had the chance to continue working with the VGM musicians of DiscoCactus, creating an interactive website that showcased the band’s music, videos, and particularly their unique style. The site features the band’s music and merch via Bandcamp, their videos via YouTube, and their upcoming tour schedule via a custom scheduling tool.

The project gave me the chance to develop a number of fun DiscoCactus designs based on their existing logo, including retro game-related artwork and layered/animated 3D effects.

Developed in WordPress using a custom DiscoCactus theme and plugin.