Project Details

PROTO(n) is a solo web-based video game I developed for the Ludum Dare 44 game jam (a 72-hour game development contest.)

Set in a Robotics Facility that is rapidly going offline, it’s up to you, the experimental PROTO(n) unit, to carry the last sparks of electricity to the dying facility. As a walking battery bot, you have to carry and deliver your own electrical charge to restore these broken devices – and be careful to preserve enough electricity for yourself.

PROTO(n) was built on the community-voted theme: “Your Life is Currency,” and carries this idea into gameplay, with the main character’s own battery level serving as the cost that must be spent to move through and interact with the levels and mechanisms around him.

PROTO(n) is a simple, classic puzzle game built as a proof of concept for what could be a larger game in the future.