Tombs & Tomes

Project Details

Tombs & Tomes is an academic game meant to facilitate undergraduate learning experiences by introducing students to campus resources through a live-action role-playing game.  To accompany this game, I developed a web application that functioned as both an interactive character sheet for players’ characters, and as a shared and synchronized game server, capable of sharing stats and facilitating gameplay between multiple connected players.  As this game was meant to be played on the go, this web application was designed to let student players focus on the game and the storytelling experience of the live-action experience, rather than needing to carry and manage papers and tokens.

The game and academic research components were co-developed by Megan Kudzia, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Michigan State University.  Together we presented and shared this web application as a proof of concept, leading a presentation session at Bucknell University’s Digital Scholarship conference in October 2017.