NASA Microlessons

The “Microlessons” web application is a multimedia learning platform, featuring an accessible video player synchronized with transcriptions that make learning easier through fast and efficient searchability.  Paired with a production workflow in collaboration with NASA TV Studio, this platform aims to facilitate a variety of web-based learning initiatives at NASA.

Stellar Door Studios

Stellar Door Studios is my other professional presence, encompassing my colleagues and my creative work including independent game development, independent film production, and local community development and organization.  Together, we have made a number of award-winning “game jam” games, and an award-winning amateur short film.

Mina Loy Scholarly Website

Mina Loy: Navigating the Avant-Garde is a scholarly website designed for Davidson College, Duquesne University, and the University of Georgia. True to the avant-garde content it studies, the site captures a variety of media types, and innovates with custom-built features including side-by-side text analysis tools, rearrangeable text interfaces, and metadata for scholarly text and artifacts.


PROTO(n) is a solo web-based video game I developed for the Ludum Dare 44 game jam (a 72-hour game development contest.)

Set in a Robotics Facility that is rapidly going offline, it’s up to you, the experimental PROTO(n) unit, to carry the last sparks of electricity to the dying facility. As a walking battery bot, you have to carry and deliver your own electrical charge to restore these broken devices – and be careful to preserve enough electricity for yourself.  PROTO(n) is a simple, classic puzzle game built as a proof of concept for what could be a larger game in the future.

Democracy Then and Now

Democracy Then and Now is a website built to provide historical audio tours to significant locations on the University of Maryland, College Park campus.  The site collected the essays and recorded audio narrations of a number of students across the campus, each providing historical contexts to locations related to the history of democracy in the United States.  This site utilized WordPress to collect stories from a number of users, and built a custom Soundcloud integration to each entry, pairing the hosted audio with a unique URL and generating a QR code for each entry.  By printing these QR codes and placing them in the physical locations, users were encouraged to take a tour of the campus locations, scanning and listening to the audio through this web application.